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The first seedlings of Tomat TYMOTI F1 and Tomat SERVO F1

Despite the initial success of the Tomat seedlings in the trays, there was an early set back which put the first production off to a difficult start.

A week prior to the first batch of Tomat TYMOTI F1 being ready to be planted out into the field, a simple mistake resulted in both the TYMOTI F1 and  SERVO F1 seedlings being badly sunburnt. This damaged the tips of the plants significantly, but thankfully after a week of careful nursing it seemed that they may still be viable to be transplanted.

Now after several weeks there is very little sign of the damage to the plants and they are showing good health and growth rates.


Currently we are anticipating the garden fresh Tomat harvest to be around late September/Early October.

This week will also see the next batch of SERVO F1 seedlings transplanted to “Lebah Kecil” Area C Bed 4.

One thought on “The first seedlings of Tomat TYMOTI F1 and Tomat SERVO F1

  1. Maybe some info about how the seedlings can be helped in order not to be burnt by the sun will help. I know that you can find a green mesh to put it above the plants when they are already outside.

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