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Biomass harvesting after 11 months the Kaliandra Merah (Calliandra callothyrsus)

This month’s rainfall has put the finishing touches on the Kaliandra Merah (Calliandra callothyrsus).  Measuring the trees they have reached 4 to 4.5m in height and 12 to 25mm in diameter in just over 11 months since they were first planted as small seedlings.

This is the final stage of the tropical legume tree production for fuel in Indonesian household cooking process I discussed in the field study, “Field research of an energy-biochar chain involving biomass gasification and tropical legume tree production in Indonesian household cooking process.” 

By simply harvesting just four (4) Kaliandra Merah (Calliandra callothyrsus), yields enough timber for a household fuelwood consumption for one day.  The green leaf material is sufficient to supply for 2 to 3 goats for one day.

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