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Hands on Farming

Learn New Skills · Get Practical Experience Come along and learn what is involved to grow garden fresh produce at our Yogyakarta Urban Farms “Lebah Kecil” and “Kepik Kecil”


Garden Fresh

Dari kebun ke dapur. Grow your own garden fresh produce or purchase any of our farms’ products through retailers and supermarkets in Yogyakarta or direct from the farm as part of our Community Supported Agriculture group.


Farm to Table

Promoting serving fresh local sourced food and ingredients at restaurants and cafes, and farm-to-table dining.


Produksi Makanan Artisan

Saat ini kami mengembangkan usaha pertanian berbasis keluarga. Fokusnya adalah pada pelaksanaan pertanian berkelanjutan dan produksi pangan Artisan.



Building, Restoration and Preservation of Urban Agriculture – Designing Our Future: Sustainable Landscapes . Traditional Javanese Pekarangan are an important part of both rural and urban landscapes in Indonesia.


Inovasi Teknologi & Farm Hacking

A making, building, rebuilding, hacking, and tinkering space, open to all students and graduates of agriculture and food manufacturing; and also all technology enthusiast. Join one of our GARDENS AND URBAN AGRICULTURE PROJECTS or suggest one of your own.

Tips & Tricks

Pupuk alami dan biomassa dari Azolla (Azolae sp.) dan Apu-apu (Pistia stratiotes)

Increase your natural fertilizers and biomass in a traditional javanese pekarangan with Azolla (Azolae sp.) and Apu-apu (Pistia stratiotes).

Lean Business Practices and Modern Urban Farming

Perhaps one question that we get often is how is a modern urban farm such as “Lebah Kecil” different to that seen in our area where other people also farm on small urban land blocks in Yogyakarta. Part of the key difference is we are trying to also draw on those practices which have been […]

Transplanting Tomat SERVO F1 to the field

This week we transplanted another batch of Tomat SERVO F1 to one of the beds at Yogyakarta Urban Farm “Lebah Kecil”. Currently we transplant seedlings around the 30 day mark when they are about 12 to 15cm tall. Beds have been prepared in advance and holes are spaced 50cm apart using an offset triangular pattern. To […]

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Wick Autopot System / Sistem Sumbu Otomatis dari JUWALAN

This week I caught up with Pak Hendsy Mahatmha , a Hydroponic Kit Maker who has been working on designing soilless gardening and small farming systems here in Yogyakarta.  I was really impressed with his Wick Autopot Kit which can be used in areas where you may have no irrigation or no electricity.  The design means that […]

Furnitur hidup yang dirancang untuk menanam tanaman, sayuran dan rempah-rempah

Desain interior hijau dari Furnitur hidup yang dirancang untuk menanam tanaman, sayuran dan rempah-rempah. Bawa Alam ke Rumah Anda

Expo Urban Farming Nasional 2018 [Yogyakarta, 23 Maret – 6 April 2018]

I managed to catch up with Mbak Anjela Putri Ratnaningrum from Caping Merapi who is organizing Expo Urban Farming Nasional 2018 in Yogyakarta. It looks to be an awesome event. EXPO OUTLINE Expo ini bertujuan untuk memamerkan produk dan potensi dari perusahaan dan stakeholder yang bergerak dalam lingkup urban farming maupun pertanian secara menyeluruh. Serta menjadi wadah […]

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Amazon Urban Farming eBooks


The Urban Farmer

The Urban Farmer is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical manual to help you learn the techniques and business strategies you need to make a good living growing high-yield, high-value crops right in your own backyard (or someone else's). Major benefits include: Low capital investment and overhead costs Reduced need for expensive infrastructure Easy access to markets


The Lean Farm

By explaining the lean system for identifying and eliminating waste and introducing efficiency in every aspect of the farm operation, The Lean Farm makes the case that small-scale farming can be an attractive career option for young people who are interested in growing food for their community. Working smarter, not harder, also prevents the kind of burnout that start-up farmers often encounter in the face of long, hard, backbreaking labor.


The Market Gardener

The Market Gardener is a compendium of la Grelinette’s proven horticultural techniques and innovative growing methods. This complete guide is packed with practical information on: Setting-up a micro-farm by designing biologically intensive cropping systems, all with negligible capital outlay Farming without a tractor and minimizing fossil fuel inputs through the use of the best hand tools, appropriate machinery, and minimum tillage practices Growing mixed vegetables systematically with attention to weed and pest management, crop yields, harvest periods, and pricing approaches


How to grow More Vegetables

How to Grow More Vegetables demonstrated that small-scale, high-yield, all-organic gardening methods could yield bountiful crops over multiple growing cycles using minimal resources in a suburban environment. The concept that John Jeavons and the team at Ecology Action launched more than 40 years ago has been embraced by the mainstream and continues to gather momentum.


The New Organic Grower

The New Organic Grower has become a modern classic. In this revised and expanded edition, master grower Eliot Coleman continues to present the simplest and most sustainable ways of growing top-quality organic vegetables. Coleman updates practical information on marketing the harvest, on small-scale equipment, and on farming and gardening for the long-term health of the soil.

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